Holiday Resort GTC 902 - Near Kamnik and Gornji Grad.

If you wish to come to Črnivec for a longer time, you'll be welcomed in our newest Holiday Resort. It is placed on mountain pass Črnivec, surrounded by wide forests and at the same time just a step away from the local road Kamnik – Gornji Grad. Peace, nature, many interesting points in the surrounding countryside, comfortable rooms and of course, our great cooks in the kitchen should make your holiday time unforgettable. Dance on saturday night accompanied by live music, have a trip in the nature on sunday, while we'll take care of a good sunday lunch. You are also welcomed when preparing wedding parties, festive lunches, dinners or celebrating anniversaries. ...

Our 4 star rated resort and tourism centre is situated in the hinterland of forest and untouched Alpine nature, at 902 meters above sea level. It is a modern complex, designed to provide the best quality service to our guests. The restaurant seats up to 150, has a winter-and-summer garden, comfortable and streamlined rooms with a possibility of overnight, half-board or full board and lodging (all rooms are equipped with bed, TWC, satellite TV, 24-hour Internet connection).Our resort is located in Črnivec, a well known crossing point between two Slovenian provinces, Gorenjska and Štajerska. Črnivec is a great starting point for mountain trekking(Menina Mountain 1508m, Rogatec 1557m, Velika planina 1670m, Kašni vrh 1435m).

Modern rooms - GTC 902

Our rooms offer : • Cosy bed • Private bathroom • TV • Telephone • Free WiFi •Balcony •A fan • Great view

rooms available


Km to Ljubljana


minut drive from city Kamnik


The restaurant seats up to 150, has a winter-and-summer garden

Traditional slovenian culinary!

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